V Hotel Lavender

What is the best thing to do in a vacation? Of course, you need to make the best of your time by doing something exciting and worthwhile. What would be greater than getting a ticket to some tourist point and stay at some nice resting house to make your summer? If you are planning to visit Singapore this summer, be sure to book your stay to some excellent resort. V Hotel Lavender is one of the best places for enjoying your stay throughout in Singapore. Let us see what are the good things that you can get to enjoy here.

Location of V Hotel Lavender

V Hotel Lavender is ideally located in Singapore close to Jalan Besar Plaza and Little India with a Raffle Place nearby. It is a four-star hotel that is full of luxuries that can be enjoyed only in a five-star hotel. It has many adventurous places near to it that are visited by tourists who come here to for stay. There is an Art Museum of Singapore which is situated at the distance of 1.6 km from the hotel. Other places close to V Hotel Lavender are Singapore City Hall, National Museum of Singapore and Orchard Road. Also, there is metro and another bus service available at the distance of 150 meters from the hotel. There are many places for shopping nearby where you can go out to taste delicious cuisines and buy various products of daily use at affordable prices.

Hotel Amenities and Facilities:
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V Hotel Lavender is furnished fully with the great accessories and amenities of the modern world. It has 888 guestrooms inside offering complete bedding services and having twin, triple or double guestroom features. Each of the guestrooms in the hotel is equipped with an attached bath, telephone connection, WiFi connection, air-conditioning, tea or coffee maker, DVD player and hair dryer. In addition, the hotel is not short of the modern-life amenities like gym, swimming pool, hairdresser, sky garden and few others services. On the whole, hotel provides a full-fledge packages for the tourists to enjoy their stay in the best possible manner.

Why Choose V Hotel Lavender?

If you are looking for a reason to go for this hotel instead of other places in Singapore, there are many reasons for this. Firstly, the hotel has been endowed with most positive reviews by the tourists who come to stay here. They find the location of the hotel quite suitable for them as they come for the purpose of viewing attractive scenery. Also, the hotel has a welcoming staff that is at your disposal whenever you call them and offers you best-tasted meals and attends to your call in a timely manner. The rooms are quite comfortable and furnished with the best possible services that could make your stay as pleasant as possible. Lastly, the location of the hotel is right in the heart of the city that makes you access many daily-life services in a timely way. So, be sure to visit V Hotel Lavender next time you plan your stay in Singapore.